TEAMNODE A website for a media art studio TEAMNODE view
Arkifont A website for arkifont which sells and curates useful fonts view
Design History Society of Korea A website for Design History Society of Korea which records related design view
JAMO A website for JAMO which is a type design collective group view
Happiness Sans A promotional video and website for Hyundai Department Store's Happiness Sans font view
PAIX PER MIL A website for the music label PAIX PER MIL view
oyk A website for Studio Ohyukyoung that plans and produces content based on fabric view
D8NE A website for D8NE which is a complex cultural space of Peaches view
Peaches A website for Peaches which is the lifestyle fashion brand view
SAA A website for SAA which is a screen printing platform view
JEONSANSYSTEM A website for JEONSANSYSTEM which is a furniture and space design studio view
Syncbookshelfs A website for Syncbookshelf which introduces books about feminism and design view
Seoulbookshops A website for Seoulbookshops which is a local bookstore revitalization program view
nounou A website for nounou which produces props, furniture and clothing view
Post Poetics A website for Post Poetics which is a bookstore view
Post Poetics 2019 전세계 200여곳의 크고 작은 출판사와 거래하며, 미술, 건축, 디자인, 사진, 패션, 문화 등을 다루는 다양한 서적을 소개하는 포스트 포에틱스 웹사이트를 제작했습니다.
A website for Post Poetics which introduces a variety of books regarding art, architecture, design, photography, fashion, culture and so on and deal more than 200 publishers all around world.